8 Things You Should Never Put Into Self-Storage

Self-storage units are great for a variety of items, but there are some things you just can’t put in them. We’ve put together this list on what you should not store in your storage unit. Take a look below to familiarize yourself so that you don’t face any surprises later on.


1. Combustible, Flammable, Hazardous or Toxic Materials

Do not store. Considered inherently dangerous, these include gasoline, compressed gas, propane tanks, kerosene, lamp and motor oil, acid, grease, corrosives, fertilizer, paint, cleaners, chemicals, narcotics, or hazardous, toxic or biological waste. Asbestos or products containing asbestos are not allowed.

2. Medical / Pharmaceutical Supplies & Equipment

If you are a sales representative, you may find a self-storage unit a convenient place to manage medical supplies and pharmaceutical samples. It is a useful way to keep your products organized and easily accessible without cluttering up your office or filling your car trunk. While most supplies are acceptable, radioactive equipment, or anything that contains radioactive materials, cannot legally be stored.

3. Perishable Food and Animal Products

Canned foods may be stored in storage units, but perishable food products such as cereals, produce or meats are not allowed. These may spoil or attract pests. Note that even shelf stable items can be tricky as some may bring bugs and rodents, while canned foods may be at risk of combustion.

4. Stolen and Illegal Goods

Our facilities are well monitored by management. If employees suspect something suspicious is taking place we will call authorities for further investigation.

5. Weapons and Ammunition

Due to liability and safety issues, we do not approve of any weapons or ammunition being stored in units. This also includes storing fireworks and explosives.

6. Living and Dead Items

Any animals, alive or dead, cannot be stored. This also extends to other living or dead things including plants, flowers and human ashes.

7. Unregistered or Uninsured Vehicles

While boats, RVs, motorcycles, ATVs and vehicles are able to be stored both outside parking and indoor storage units, they must be properly registered and insured before you can leave it at the facility. You will need to provide proof of registration and insurance at the time of signing your rental agreement.

8. Appliances

Some units do have power but Giant Storage does not allow appliances to be plugged in. This includes refrigerators, freezers, generators or space heaters in the storage units.

If you have any questions on whether or not you can store an item, please reach out to one of our customer service representatives at your local Giant Storage.

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