154 W Ivy Drive – Sagle, Idaho

154 W Ivy Drive – Sagle, Idaho

Giant Storage Sagle 
154 Ivy Drive  Sagle Idaho 

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Small 1 bedroom apartment couch or love seat, boxes, file cabinets, etc.

Door height 7 feet 

walk-in closet

8 X 10 – 80 sq ft SMALL BEDROOM
Large 1 bedroom apartment or 3 rooms of furniture. Couches, an entertainment center, desks, mattresses, and cabinets.

Door height 7 feet

average/small Bedroom

10 X 15 – 150 sq ft  LARGE BEDROOM
 2 bedroom apartment or 4 rooms of furniture. Living room set, bedroom set, dressers, and other large furniture.

Door height 7 feet 

Large Bedroom

10 X 20 – 200 sq ft  ONE CAR GARAGE
Will hold a standard car with home furnishings and personal items. Single vehicle and furniture items or for multiple bedroom sets or large furniture, and appliances.

Door height 7 feet 


Small 1-car Garage

12 X 20 – 240 sq ft  SINGLE WIDE ONE CAR GARAGE
Standard car with home furnishings and personal items or multiple bedroom sets, large furniture, and appliances.

Door height 10 feet 

Wide 1-car Garage

10 X 25 – 250 sq ft  FULL SIZED CAR GARAGE
FULL sized car WITH items from a 2 bedroom home, including appliances. Cars, trucks, ATVs or Jet-Skis, bedroom sets, and furniture.

Door height 7 feet 

Standard 1-car Garage

Furniture and boxed items from a 4-5 bedroom home OR a car or boat and a washer and dryer, boxed items, riding lawn-mower, etc.

Door height  10 feet 

Extra Long 1-car Garage

12 X 40 – 480 sq ft  TWO CAR GARAGE
Perfect for all the toys, ATVS, boats, motorcycles, kayaks, jet-skis and all the outdoor recreation gear.

Door height 10, 12  feet 

Tandem 2-car Gaarage

14 X 45 –  630 sq ft RV & Boats, 120v power interior lighting.

Door height  14 feet


16.8 X 48 – 804 sq ft Oversized units make it a breeze, in and out in just moments, spend your time enjoying the road. 120v/220v power interior lighting and automatic openers and man door access make the most of your valuable time.

Door height 14 feet 


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